ArcAqua can help mitigate risk

The presence of high microbial counts including yeast and mould spores will contaminate and reduce the shelf life of all fresh produce, particularly post harvest.

Consequently, citrus pack houses require an effective sanitisation process to reduce all known microbial spores.

Chlorine is currently the most widely used santisation solution despite it being a known carcinogen that can catch fire, cause burns, and is toxic to marine life. Furthermore, products cleaned with chlorine have been banned from several markets for health violations.

Ozone is completely natural, certified organic, and leaves no dangerous by-products. In addition, ArcAqua’s products can better reduce microbial counts and improve the quality of wastewater.

The ArcAqua Industrial System effectively reduces TMA (total microbial activity) reducing potential losses, mitigating farmer’s risks.

ArcAqua Efficacy in a Citrus Pack House

ArcAqua replaces existing environmentally unfriendly sanitising solutions by killing 99.99% of all known bacteria and more effectively reducing TMA (total microbial activity), thereby mitigating risk and reducing potential losses.

We needed to improve our fruit sanitisation processes due to new EU restrictions on the MRL’s caused by post-harvest chemicals. We decided to use a systems approach to this problem and have experienced the benefits of ArcAqua’s user friendly system that has minimised our overall management time and successfully reduced the MRL count on the fruit.

Andre Nel

“Ozone, the most powerful and completely natural sanitisation solution available.”