How can we measure ozone on the ArcAqua unit and how do you ensure that enough ozone is coming out of the nozzle?

All ArcAqua’s ozone generators are certified to produce specific amounts of ozone. This can be measured with the necessary sensors in situ.

How safe is it to use?

We comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations of less than 0.1ppm ozone being released into the atmosphere. The industrial system will shut down if the volume of ozone exceeds the limit on an ongoing basis.

Do you have an organic certificate?

We do not have an organic certificate for chemical free lines at this stage.

Can we recycle water?

Yes, the water can be reused in other areas in the packing facility, such as the flume as the runoff water is microbially clean. However, the ArcAqua system itself does not reuse the water.

How long must the fruit be rinsed under the ArcAqua system in order for the sanitisation to be effective?

15 – 30 seconds; depending on fruit type.

Do you have a system that can hose down equipment once finished packing so that we can sanitise equipment?

We do not currently have a system that is able to do this but it is something we prototyping.

What happens if the system breaks down?

We have appointed maintenance contractors in each area to complete maintenance. We further provide a back-up parts pack. These are “smalls” and are able to be fitted by an internal maintenance team. Our operating manual provides for this functionality.

What is the turnaround time for system faults and breakages?

We will have a maintenance contractor on site within 24 hours.

Can you use this system to purify water?

At this stage the system is not designed to purify water.

Can we trial the system?

Yes you can but it must be a paid trial for a minimum of a 6 month period.

In which citrus packhouses have we installed and for how long?

We have been installed in ALG citrus for 2 years and Kalos stone fruit for 2 years as well as numerous other pack houses for shorter periods.

How much does it cost?

We offer a flexible cost structure that is tailored to each individual customer and their specific requirements.

Is the price fixed? Can it be regulated by the amount we pack?

The volume required to be packed determines the size of the system and the cost. We operate under a fixed monthly rate that is unaffected by the hours worked per day. This monthly fee is payable for the period (in months) in which the unit is utilized.

Can we rent to buy the system?

This may be possible in unique circumstances only however; you would not be able to benefit from system upgrades that may occur post the sale of the unit.

Is it safe for staff to work close to the system?

The system is designed to comply with Occupational Health and Safety requirements and has numerous safety features built into the design. Refer to safety manual.

How much water does the system use / waste?

Water usage is variable and dependent on the number of nozzles installed; the water pressure; the type of nozzle used and the length of time that the system is used.

How much power does the system use?

It uses a single phase power requirement and will use roughly the same as a light bulb.

How can we measure the effectiveness of the system?

We have conducted extensive lab and field tests measuring microbial reduction and these results are available for download under the Resources section of the website.

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