What bacteria does the ArcAqua system kill?

The ArcAqua system has been tested in a variety of food preparation environments. Extensive laboratory tests prove that the ozonated water produced via the ArcAqua nozzle kills 99.99% of all known bacteria, including the following major food associated bacteria:

Staph (Staphylococcus aureus)

Found in the hair, skin, nose, throat, mouth and ears of humans and animals.
Is transferred onto food, equipment and hands if correct sanitising procedures are not correctly exercised.

E. coli (Escherichia coli)

Originates in the intestines of humans and animals. Can be transferred onto food, equipment and hands if the correct sanitising procedures are not properly exercised. E. coli can also be found in raw meat and vegetables.


This bacteria is found in eggs, poultry and meat. It is the biggest cause of food poisoning globally. Salmonella can be transferred by cross contamination normally from raw or uncooked food products coming into contact with poultry products.

Yeast and Mould

Contributes markedly to food spoilage and deterioration and rapidly reduces TMA or standard plate count. By removing/reducing yeast and mould, the shelf life of fresh produce is extended.

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