The most powerful, safe and natural sanitiser available

ArcAqua has developed ground breaking technology that harnesses naturally-occurring ozone and distributes it using a fine mist of water in order to sanitise fresh produce in a highly effective and environmentally friendly way.

The ArcAqua system is the first to develop a deployment mechanism that allows for ozone to come into direct contact with fresh produce, effectively delivering this natural sanitiser directly to food and food contact surfaces without affecting taste or leaving any residues.

Our cutting edge technology features a patented nozzle that controls the exact amount of water and ozone that is distributed, killing bacteria three times more effectively and three thousand times faster than chlorine; today’s most commonly used sanitiser.

As the pioneers of a solution that delivers ozone directly to the surface of produce, ArcAqua kills bacteria more effectively than traditional chemical sanitisers and, in doing so, extends shelf life and reduces waste.

We aim to meet the growing global demand for green tech solutions by delivering an effective, affordable and chemical-free sanitisation alternative; and so deliver on a greener future.

Always On

No residue

Reduced Microbial Count

Chemical Reduction

Improved Waste Water Quality

What is Ozone?

Ozone occurs naturally when sunlight, lightning or friction adds an additional oxygen atom to an oxygen molecule (O²) to make Ozone (O³).

Ozone’s effectiveness as a sanitiser is due to its rapid reactivity, allowing it to eliminate bacteria three times more effectively and 300 times faster than chlorine.

ArcAqua products enable the practical use and application of Ozone, offering you a better alternative to traditional chemical or thermal methods of sanitisation.







Ozone is triatomic oxygen (O3), a marvel of nature occurring naturally.